Hello everyone, just to keep people updated on how well and far we are going as a guild, in case you are reading this as a non member wanting to join. 

Here's how we're running so far! 

About us! 

As you all know, this is a re-roll project with a difference to all the hundreds of others out there! 
We are a guild that strives on working together, playing together and socialising together! 
So we are a guild that levels by caps! This means, each week a level cap is set that players abide by and they level up to the said level and don't level past it, by stopping quests and working on professions or paying to cap themselves so they can't gain XP for anything anymore. 

This is to promote players levelling roughly together so there is a team-spirit and people aren't getting the feeling of playing on their own in a guild. 
Of course we have players who are levelling a lot faster than others but with these caps in place, it's helping all players work roughly together. 

Where we are now! 

Currently we have a level cap set at level 60, this is because of a couple of things:
Players were reaching the level cap way before we expected them to due to their keeness of the project and the characters they play. 
Also level 60 offers a totally new set of opportunities for our players! We have the PvP reward system where players can purchase the gear sets and enjoy PvP with them. 
Raiding, vanilla WoW offers huge amounts of Lore, gear, history and pride to it! We as a guild want to experience all these elements together as a team. So we're going to hit the level 60 cap and all lock our XP so we can spend about 4-6 weeks doing the old content together. 

Are we for you? 

How many of you are part of guilds where you don't feel like you're part of anything? You don't know or talk to more than 5 people in the guild? 
Well that's why I'm here, I haven't experienced an enjoyable guild since The Burning Crusade!! Now I'm part of Fresh Forum Delight, and so far it's been an enjoyable experience and for once I'm excited about the future of it and taking part in all for the first time as a guild together! 

We are completely open to recruitment at the moment, we have around 50-70 core members who are playing regularly, these include players for the social aspect, PvP aspect or the Raiding aspect. We cater for all.
We are not a guild who will have 900 members though! All we ask is that you are as active as you can be, enjoy, be social and follow the simple rules we set down. 

If you require any info about us, or need to ask a question feel free to post on our forum here or come to Outland (PvP) EU and whisper an officer of the guild. 

Hope to see you soon ;)
Jexx - Second in Command